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Midnight delivery of these cakes will surprise your friends

All the good stuff happens after midnight. If you are a college student residing in hostel, you know the value of midnights. They are more happening than day time. What if you can make it more happening by gifting some surprising cakes to your friends and wish them a very happy birthday. Midnight wishes for any occasion makes it more special for both the persons. Try gifting cakes which not only surprises you friend but also brings a smile on their face. can fulfill your idea of surprising your friend. You can simply order the cake and they will deliver it at the doorsteps of your friend. Isn’t it easy? has made ordering and delivering midnight surprises a lot easier by their midnight cake delivery in Dehradun. ·Photo cake

We all are in a habit of capturing photos of our best moments be it be the happiest or funniest. Now add it to your cake and gift your friends. They will surely be surprised by remembering that moment all over again and you too can feel t…

One stop to all your baking tips @CakenGifts

Baking is an art and mastering it as difficult as taming a wild horse but at CakenGifts we are always here to help you with the problems encountered while baking.

Texture of the cake seems really fine but cake is overcooked and thin! Take a look at the size of the tin. Man that’s too big, get a smaller one. We know you may starve for your own made cake. So we are here for you with online cake delivery Hauz Khas Delhi delivering you the best quality cakes, as if made at home, at your doorstep.

Sides of the cake are burnt and crunchy! Now, here’s a list of reasons to blame for your failure. But don’t stop at failures keep trying. You may have over greased the tin OR an overheated oven OR usage of an unsuitable fat for baking OR the cake wasn’t lined sufficiently OR the cake was left for too long in the oven.

Cake has peaked in the middle and has developed cracks! The possible reasons behind your problem are that maybe too much of raising agent has been used OR temperature of the oven was too h…