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Enjoy our luscious eggless cake without compromising the taste on every occasion-

Cake is very popular dessert and loved by everyone either they are kid or adult. Some people avoided eating cakes due to use of egg in cake. Egg is very important to bake the normal cakes when we use the egg in cake it gives the texture and taste to the cake. 
If you are vegetarian or having allergy from egg then doesn’t worry about this here we are to solve this problem. We have the collection of eggless cakes that are made without the eggs. You can order these cakes from online stores like online cake and flower delivery in Kalkaji and enjoy the delicious taste of cake, you can also gift to your loved ones on their special day. You can also search Occasional flavour online cake delivery in Gurgaon.
Eggless cakes are available in various flavours like chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, butterscotch and much more. Eggless cakes are same in taste as the normal cakes. To get the taste and texture in eggless we use the other ingredients in place of egg-like silken tofu, pureed frui…

How to choose which online cake delivery site is best?

Today we all are using online delivery sites to buy a cake on our address without stepping out from our house. Those days are gone when people spend a time to search cake from local shops, today people just visit online websites and by a simple click he can purchase cake on their address for any occasions.
Here we are giving some tips that will help you to choose the best online cake delivery sites. Cake Delivery Time- Cake delivery is very important to buy any cake. Most of the cake sites offer you various types of delivery like same day, mid night etc. Same day delivery is most common delivery which is provided by the online cake delivery in Delhi NCR in this you will receive the cake on same day, in mid night delivery you will receive the cake in mid night and few online cake delivery in Kalkaji offers you a various time slot option in which you can take cake delivery.  So choose that cake delivery site which offers you best delivery on your address without any trouble.

Variety of cak…

Send Delicious Cake through online.

Today cake plays an important role in all celebrating occasions. It is not limited only in birthday and wedding anymore. With the help of technology, it is possible to order a cake through online and arrange delivery for home.  Around us there are various online stores available which are providing you various types of flavour cake delivery in Delhi NCR on your door step.
Now we have various types of cake for birthday, engagement and weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, and New Year. In short we can say that cake is very important for all celebrating occasions. Today there are several types of cake available in various shape, size, flavour and decoration. So now order the best cake delivery in Paschim Vihar. Today you didn’t need to go outside to buy cake. You just need to visit online cake delivery in Vaishali. Order your cake and your cake will be delivered on your doorstep within hours without any trouble.

Online cake delivery sites help you to send online cake in Hauz Khas. Online…

Best fruit cake for your Birthday...

Birthday is an important day of our life. Without cake birthday celebration is incomplete. Cake plays an important role in all celebrating occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversary, valentines, New Year and so on. There are various types of cake available around us and they have different - different methods to make them.
Fruitcake is one of the most popular cakes which can you use in any celebrating occasion. There are several online stores available around us and they are offering you best cake on your address without any trouble. if you want to book a fruitcake for your love ones birthday, in offers you a variety of fruit cake with rich taste in Delhi NCR area. Here we are listing some popular fruit cake for your birthday celebration.
Fresh fruit cake- This type of cake is made with fresh food. As the name suggest this delicious cake is made with seasonal fresh fruits. You can buy fruit cakes from online cake delivery stores, in fruit cake there are use of fresh fru…

Send Cake from best online cake shop with variety of cakes..

Nowadays ordering cake is become very easy and simple. People have to visit the online stores sites and choose the favourite cake and make the order by a simple click.  You can place an order by mobile or any other electronics device using internet. You can also buy different variety of cake for your Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentine ’s Day, Teacher’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day and many more from
The most common varieties of cakes are available on online cake store are- Vanilla CakeChocolate CakeStrawberry CakeBanana CakeButterscotch CakeLemon or Lime CakeBlack Forest CakeBlue Forest CakeCheese CakeFruit Cake
With these stunning collections of different flavoured cakes online cake stores in Kalkaji which are being popular to buy a cake for Birthday Cakes, Anniversary cake, wedding cakes or any other celebration occasions. 

While you want to order cake from any online cake delivery in Hauz Khas. You have to visit online store websites and choose the best cake a…


We all love to place the order of cake online because it saves our time and energy. It is very simple and easy process to book an order for your love ones in any occasion. Cake delivery in Delhi NCR has been quite easier these days. Whether you are in city or outside the city you can book cake for your love ones and make their special day memorable. Online cake delivery site provides you multiple options to deliver the cake in Delhi NCR.

Midnight Delivery- Most of the online cake delivery service providers offer midnight delivery service. You can choose this delivery service for your love ones birthday. Midnight deliveries of cake will surly surprise the birthday person and make their birthday memorable. You can directly send the cake to birthday person house at midnight. CakenGifts not only delivers this service in delhi but also it delivers this service in many cities of india, in which two are given below.
·Midnight Cake Delivery in Ghaziabad ·Midnight Cake Delivery in Dehradun
Various …

Enjoy the Lip-smacking cakes in Rainy Season without getting wet...

In the rainy day we are looking up to the sky it is seeing that dominated by dark clouds. The rains troubles in some way and benefits in some way too. In the rainy day people don’t like to go outside due to traffic jam and Waterlogging. People want to stay home and don’t want to getting wet by rain, so they stayed at home.People feel laziness at that time while he stayed home for whole day. People love in this rainy day to take warm coffee and tea to feel fresh. With tea and coffee people also like some yummycake or cup cakes. If you know baking you can bake your desired cake in home.  If you don’t know how to bake a cake then don’t worried about this you can order you can make an order from online cake delivery in Noida and they will deliver the cake on your address.

There are many online cake delivery sites available around us they have various varieties choose your desired flavour of cake and place the order there is no need to step out from home to buy a cake. Order online cake i…

Ingredients temperature affect in baking

Cake is a popular dessert and loved by everybody.  There are many varieties available around us some of them are chocolate, vanilla, fruit, pineapple, lime, coconut etc. Now day’s people use cake in all their celebrating occasions such as birthday cake, wedding, promotions, anniversary cake and farewell. All types of occasional cakes flavour are available on where you can find varieties of cake according to your choice. It’s a best gift idea also to gift our love ones. 

It is very important to bake a cake in proper way. Baking is an art. Whenever you want to bake a cake you should know the right measurement of the ingredients, what ingredients required, what time and temperature needed to that recipe. Temperature is one of the important aspects of baking. The baked product character is decided by temperature of ingredients.  Temperature of the ingredient impacts the flavour and structure also. Below are few points that you have to know while baking-
Butter – Butter is an im…

Why People place cake order online in Noida

Now days online cake order growing everywhere. There are several online cake stores available and offers you best services of delicious cake on every occasion. You can place order without stepping out from your home by CakenGifts  in Noida. People love to place the order online. Here are some key reasons why peoples of Noida love to place the order online for cake-
Busy lifestyle- Everyone busy in their life either they are working professional or student. Everyone is putting their efforts to make their presence in the respective organization where they are working. So they can get success. They have no time to visit the local shop to buy cake, so people choose online cake delivery in Noida to get the cake.

Heavy Traffic- In Delhi NCR traffic is everywhere and increasing continuously. It’s not good to spend your valuable time on road to shop cake. There are many online cake services available which are providing services to you without stepping out your home. You can save your time and …

Why online cake delivery service is so special

Cake is a popular desert and love by everybody and plays an important role on our celebrating occasions. Online cake services are very popular nowadays. You can browse delicious cake online with limitless choice of shapes and design. It’s very convenience way to order cake of your choice. There are several other benefits also which makes online cake delivery special are mentioned below- 
Wide range of varieties –   There are a wide range of varieties available on online cake stores they have chocolate, pineapple, lemon, photo cake, heart shape, round shape , square cake etc. you can also order fruit cake which is popular nowadays. Here you can choose cake for any occasion whether it is birthday, anniversary or farewell party.

High quality of cakes- Using online cake delivery service you can order delicious cakes without any stress. These online cake stores cares about the taste and freshly baked cakes. This is difficult to find in local shops. Online cakes decoration is also very good a…


Mind is the most important part of our body. It is the engine which carries us as an individual  forward in everything we do and perform. A well developed  mind is what separates humans from animals. Every artery, every vein, every part of our body  is connected to brain.
 The beautiful thing about human brain is that it can analyze things logically, take decisions and command the body for execution accordingly. It is constantly evolving in nature. It learns from the past mistakes and tries to avoid them in future.   It is the property of constantly evolving and improving which has made humans grow from initially, being an animal (Early Man, we call them, our ancestors) to  now fully developed social beings.
     Human brain has the ability of questioning things, it then searches for answers . It is this ability of researching and developing which has led to various discoveries over the course of human history which has made human life easier to live in. For example, if Newton had not q…

The Numerous variety of cake around us.

We all love the cake and on all occasions like birthday, anniversary, wedding etc. it makes our celebration more special. Now days without cake cutting any celebration are impossible.Cakes are generally prepared by combining ingredients like flour, sugar, fat, eggs, water and a leavening agent. These cakes are often covered in icing. There various flavors of cake are available in different – different designs and shapes. In Current time people order the various types of cakes from online cake stores. You can place the order from cake delivery in Noida, Delhi.

There are numerous ways to classifying a cake- based on their flavor, based on their texture etc. However, professionals use fat content to classify them. Depending on fat content you can categories cakes into two categories.- Butter (or oil) Cakes- These cakes are also known as creamed cakes. They contain butter, Margarine or vegetable or vegetable shorting. Due to which the cake quiet tender and moist. This category includes c…